Children and their teeth often require a different approach and therapy than adults.

  • The first consultation for the child
  • Prophylactic cleaning and hygiene education
  • Caries in children
  • Preventive groove sealing
  • Preventive groove sealing
  • Dental restorations in children

Preventive groove sealing

Prophylactic sealing of the grooves of the permanent molars, if they have already come out, is often done at the child’s first check-up with the dentist.

Four permanent molars come out around the age of six, one on each hemi-arch, and four more molars come out at the age of 12.

These molars are directly definitive and are not preceded by a stage of baby teeth, so it is important to preserve them.

The molars are very anfractuous when they have just come out, so they retain food more easily and cause cavities more easily, hence the interest in filling the grooves so that the food does not remain stuck inside and create cavities.

The preventive groove sealing is done with a Resin Reinforced Ionomer Cement, which will have a protective action on the groove, and reinforce it by a release of Fluorine.

It takes the form of a small varnish applied to the grooves of the tooth after cleaning it.