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Our Clinic

Our office

Our dental practice is a state-of-the-art facility. We are equipped with the latest innovations in dental equipment and are able to meet all your dental needs. We also have a laboratory with a 3D printer to produce high quality prostheses on site.


  • Television in each treatment room
  • Wifi
  • Coffee served in the waiting room
  • Dental hygiene room

Our office is able to meet all your needs in terms of dentistry thanks to our state-of-the-art appliances and equipment.

This neighborhood dental office welcomes dentists who have been able to highlight their professionalism and set up a system of care modern and very qualitative.

Come and experience dentistry done a little differently in our private practice.

A practice where you go:

  • Participate in your choices of care and treatment
  • Be welcomed, relaxed and cared for with confidence
  • Appreciate the qualified and experienced team
  • Meet the best dentistry available

Poissy Dentiste

Our Mission / Our Vision

Our mission is to exceed expectations by providing exceptional dental care to our patients, and at the same time building a relationship of trust with them.

Our vision is to be one of the leading dental clinics in the region, by expanding our services and the quality of these services, and by offering transparency in the choice of care offered to our patients.< /p> Taking the time to communicate, show and explain to patients are the keys. We are working on our communication so that each patient leaves our office with more answers about their teeth than they expected!

Our Advantages

  • A team of dentists and specialists
  • Complete initial dental evaluation (X-ray + dental photography)
  • All types of dental care
  • High quality French dental prosthesis laboratory
  • Dental implant experience
  • Innovation
  • 3D imaging / scanner
  • High quality prostheses made on site
  • High quality French dental prosthesis laboratory
  • “Same Day” Dentistry
  • “Same Day” Dental Implants
  • Innovative design clinic
  • Rapid implementation of treatment plans
  • Mutual and possible payment plan
  • CMU and social security accepted,
  • Dentists approved by health insurance

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Our Core Values


Embrace change, encourage invention and continually stay at the forefront of advancements in oral health for the benefit of our patients

La compassion

Demonstrate care and sensitivity for the diverse backgrounds of our patients and colleagues and generosity in our communities


Adhere to high ethical and professional standards, demonstrating our commitment to our responsibilities with trust, honesty and respect for all

Have the smile you've always dreamed of!

We provide care of the highest quality at reasonable prices.