Children and their teeth often require a different approach and therapy than adults.

  • The first consultation for the child
  • Prophylactic cleaning and hygiene education
  • Caries in children
  • Preventive groove sealing
  • Preventive groove sealing
  • Dental restorations in children

Fluoridation treatment

It may be recommended to do fluoridation treatments on the teeth of children who will have a higher caries risk.

Fluorine is a molecule that is basically present in the constitution of the enamel and dentin of the tooth.

Fluoride has a bacteriostatic action, which means that it stops the action of potential cariogenic bacteria present in the mouth.

This results in stronger teeth that are less prone to decay.

Chairside fluoridation or splinting sessions can therefore be performed by the dentist if he or she deems it necessary.

Moreover, in adults too, fluoridation sessions can be performed in case of dental fragility or sensitivity.

Be careful, however, not to abuse fluoride, which can create small white patches on the tooth called fluorosis if it is too present.