Children and their teeth often require a different approach and therapy than adults.

  • The first consultation for the child
  • Prophylactic cleaning and hygiene education
  • Caries in children
  • Preventive groove sealing
  • Preventive groove sealing
  • Dental restorations in children

The first consultation for children

The first consultation for a child will normally take place, barring any problems, around the age of six.

During this consultation, the practitioner checks the health of the teeth and gums. The eruption of the teeth is also controlled.

He uses a probe and small X-rays to check for cavities.

It also checks the position of the teeth to alert the parents if necessary.

If a jaw growth defect is found around the age of eight, the child will be referred to an orthodontist for interceptive treatment.

He will intervene, with the help of an adapted apparatus, on the direction of the bone growth of the jaws.

This first consultation must have a positive psychological impact on the child, who must feel at ease and understand each step that the dentist will take. Thus, he will associate the dentist with a positive feeling, not painful but rather of well-being for him and his health.

This is why the words and gestures made by a dentist during a child’s first consultation must be gentle and lucrative so that this first experience is well experienced by the child.