The goal of orthodontics is to solve the problems of jaw growth during childhood, dental alignment and teeth meshing.

  • The first visit to the orthodontist
  • Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment
  • Interceptive treatments in children
  • Invisible alignment mouthpiece
  • Orthodontic retention

First orthodontic consultation:

Orthodontics is a solution for all ages, including adults and seniors.

For children, the first orthodontic check-up will take place at 8 years old, in order to evaluate the growth of the jaws. If the jaws do not grow as desired, it is indeed important to act before the growth peak with interceptive treatments (appliances that will affect jaw growth and not tooth alignment).

Properly developed jaws give the permanent teeth a better chance of growing in line.

Orthodontic appliances to align the teeth are usually placed only after the loss of all milk teeth, i.e. from the age of 12.

During this first consultation, an initial assessment of the case is made through a clinical examination.

We will also take casts, photos, panoramic X-rays and profile X-rays (done in a radiology office).

With all these elements, we will carry out a case study, by measurements carried out on the radiographs and casts.

This will allow us to make a definitive diagnosis during the second visit.