The goal of orthodontics is to solve the problems of jaw growth during childhood, dental alignment and teeth meshing.

  • The first visit to the orthodontist
  • Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment
  • Interceptive treatments in children
  • Invisible alignment mouthpiece
  • Orthodontic retention

Interceptive treatments in children:

In young children between the ages of 8 and 10, since bone growth is not yet complete, we will be able to perform what we call an interception treatment, i.e., we will use our appliances to try to direct bone growth in a favorable direction so that the teeth will be in the best possible position.

This will not prevent a later Multi-Ring treatment, but it will decrease its length and difficulty.

This treatment usually lasts 12 months and then a break is taken until all the permanent teeth are on the arch.

At this point, an evaluation is done to see if the Multi Ring treatment is necessary.