The goal of orthodontics is to solve the problems of jaw growth during childhood, dental alignment and teeth meshing.

  • The first visit to the orthodontist
  • Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment
  • Interceptive treatments in children
  • Invisible alignment mouthpiece
  • Orthodontic retention

Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment:

There are different types of diagnoses depending on whether the problem revealed is solely dental or also skeletal, i.e. related to the growth or position of the jaws. It is the skull X-ray (teleradiography) that will allow us to determine this.

If the problem is only dental a simple treatment with a multi-brace system will be considered.

The patient can choose either a method with metal brackets (gray), or a treatment with aesthetic ceramic brackets that are transparent.

Depending on the amount of space we need to align the teeth, premolar extractions may or may not be required.

If the problem is skeletal and is diagnosed long after the child’s growth peak or in adults, two possibilities will be considered:


The ideal solution being a surgery of the skeletal bases. This is done by a surgeon who will evaluate which arch to touch up.

At this point, the treatment is done in three steps:

  • a first stage of dental alignment with a multi-ring appliance that lasts about 12 months
  • a second stage of surgery by a surgeon who will straighten both jaws
  • and a third stage of consolidation and finishing with a multi-ring device that will last about six months.


If the patient refuses surgery, we will propose a compromise solution, i.e. we will align the teeth and try to make them fit together as well as possible without it being ideal.