Occlusodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the relationship between the teeth, the relationship between the jaws, and the muscular and articular tensions that a bad relationship can cause.

  • First occlusodontic consultation
  • Mouthpiece treatment
  • The balancing of the teeth mesh

Mouthpiece treatment

The treatment plan for muscle and joint pain will aim to:

  1. To alleviate muscle and joint pain, by reducing inflammation and excessive muscle contraction: This will be done with a specific night splint.
  2. Then, once the musculature has been adjusted and relaxed, rebalance the occlusion of the teeth if necessary in order to find a rest position for the jaws when they are engaged.

The mouthpiece is very often the first step of the treatment. It can be very bad to act directly on the teeth when the muscles are too tense.

It is a mouthpiece to be worn only during sleep. It is called Michigan mouthpiece or Neuromuscular Rehabilitation mouthpiece, or more commonly Bruxism mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is made of rigid resin on the outside, and semi-rigid resin on the inside for more comfort for the patient. It is made to measure in relation to the position of the teeth and the muscles under tension. Then it will be adjusted and balanced according to the results of the muscular relaxation obtained after the first weeks of wearing the mouthpiece, generally over three appointments.

The reduction of muscular tensions is felt by the patient directly after a few nights of wearing the splint.

Symptoms and joint noises will subside after several weeks.