Periodontology is concerned with the curative and preventive treatment of diseased gums. Periodontology can also have an aesthetic role in the harmonization of the teeth.

  • Periodontal disease
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Periodontal maintenance
  • Aesthetic periodontology (gingival plasty)

Periodontal treatment

The treatment of a periodontal disease will be done by the dentist and his patient together.

The role of the dentist will be to eliminate the cause of the periodontal disease, that is to say to remove the bacteria and the tartar under gingival which cause the inflammation of the gum and the bone by maintaining this disease.
To do this, the dentist, under local anesthesia of the gum, therefore in a totally painless way, will clean the bacteria and tartar under the gum using very fine ultrasoundfine curettes and disinfectants at the level of the periodontal pockets along the dental roots where the inflammation is present. This is called surfacing or root planing or subgingival cleaning.

It is a non-invasive technique for the gum and non-surgical.

In some more severe cases, surgical intervention requiring an access flap may be necessary as a second line treatment if the result is not sufficient with the first line non-surgical treatment.

Thus, once the gums and roots are completely cleaned, the inflammation will decrease, the gums will return to a physiological color and level by deflating, and the situation will be stable, provided that the patient maintains these gums well afterwards.

The patient’s role will be to maintain a good level of interdental and subgingival hygiene over time, using :

– an efficient toothbrushing movement (vertical sweep from the gum to the tooth, with a 45° angulation of the toothbrush towards the gum, and without pressing too hard to avoid hurting it) Toothbrushes with soft bristles should be preferred.

– and the use of interdental hygiene means: floss or interdental brushes with a diameter adapted to the dental and gingival situation (the dentist will advise the patient on the diameter of the brush to use).